Civic integration examination

Civic integration examination

If you want to live in The Netherlands, you may be required to pass the Inburgeringsexamen (Civic integration examination). You can find out if you need to take this exam, and how to take it, on the website Naar Nederland (Coming to The Netherlands).

The exam consists of two parts: Dutch society and Dutch language.

Dutch society

To prepare for the Dutch society part of the exam, you are expected to watch the film Naar Nederland (Coming to The Netherlands). You can order this film from several Dutch bookshops, including

On the exam, you will be asked questions about this film. There are seven sections:

  1. Geography and accommodation
  2. History
  3. Politics and the Constitution
  4. Dutch language and how to learn it
  5. Upbringing and education
  6. Health care
  7. Employment and income

There is an eighth section on the film about the exam itself. This will not be tested.

All questions on the exam will be asked in Dutch, and you will be expected to answer in Dutch.

Dutch language

The Dutch language exam consists of five sections:

  1. Listen and repeat. You will hear a sentence in Dutch, and you have to repeat it, taking care that word order, pronunciation, and intonation are correct.
  2. Questions and answers. You will need to give a short answer to the question asked. Most answers will be one or two words long.
  3. Another listen and repeat section.
  4. Opposites. You will need to say the opposite of the word you hear. Practice: Tegenstellingen 1.
  5. Repeating stories. You will have to retell the story you hear.

The exam will only test your oral skills (speaking and listening).

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