Living in The Netherlands

Learning Dutch: Lesson 4


  1. Read the text below. Try to understand it, using the vocabulary and grammar sections if necessary.
  2. Study the vocabulary.
  3. Study the grammar section.
  4. Read the text again. You should be able to understand it without looking at the vocabulary and grammar sections.
  5. Do the exercises.


Jenny wil naar Nederland. Jenny wil naar Henk. Daarom leert Jenny nu Nederlands. Dat is niet makkelijk. Daarom helpt Henk Jenny. Nederlands is moeilijk.


Nederlands Engels Notes
willen want to In this case, willen means want to go: zij wil naar, she wants to go to
naar to
daarom because of that
leren to learn
helpen to help
makkelijk easy
moeilijk difficult
nu now
Nederland The Netherlands The name of the country is Nederland, sometimes (incorrectly) called Holland. The language we speak is Nederlands. A person from Nederland is a Nederlander.
Nederlands Dutch


Nederlands Engels
leren to learn

ik leer I learn
jij leert you learn (informal, singular)
u leert you learn (formal, singular or plural)
hij leert he learns
zij leert she learns
wij leren we learn
jullie leren you learn (informal, plural)
zij leren they learn


Complete the following sentences, using the correct form of the specified verb:

Wij [leren]__________ Nederlands.
Wie [helpen]__________ Jenny?
Ik [wonen]__________ in Nederland.

Answer the questions:

Wie leert Nederlands?
Wie helpt Jenny?
Is Nederlands makkelijk?


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